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Put yourself in the driving seat with
ZIMO digital control


The ZIMO digital product range, comprising the flagship MX10 command station, decoders, specialist speakers and accessories, is world-renowned for its quality and functionality. Relax in the knowledge of a brand chosen as standard by Roco, Fleischmann and SLW, plus a three-year manufacturing warranty.

RAIL EXCLUSIVE, the dedicated UK distributor, has worked hard over the last five years to generate greater awareness and sales of these technologically advanced Austrian-made products. Highly regarded by specialists, and those ‘in the know’, these items are readily available to all British modellers via an approved and knowledgeable dealer network.

A list of officially approved ZIMO retailers in the UK can be found here.

If you have any questions, or difficulty in obtaining specific products, please call us on 01780 470086.

ZIMO UK Distribution, 20 Park Street, King’s Cliffe, Peterborough PE8 6XN


ZIMO Electronik Gmbh appointed RAIL EXCLUSIVE models as exclusive UK distributor for its range of technologically-advanced model railway control equipment, including its wide variety of Digital Command Control decoders and sound decoders.

RAIL EXCLUSIVE will actively promote and market the ZIMO brand completely independently for the first time in Great Britain & Ireland, and act as a point of contact and supplier for the network of UK retailers and manufacturers.

In conjunction with ZIMO’s existing partners, RAIL EXCLUSIVE is to provide a dedicated web presence that will eventually build-up into a useful and easy to use English language resource. It’s hoped this will become a focal point for the growing number of ZIMO users where they can exchange tips and access UK-specific information. Additionally, a simple on-line shop will be created exclusively for ZIMO DCC products.

Ahead of the launch of the new flagship MX10 Command Station later this year, particular emphasis is being placed on the decoder range which has recently been expanded to include several new types that are ideal for UK applications in ‘N’, ‘OO’ and ‘O’ gauges. These ‘premium’ decoders provide exceptional value for money and offer a significant number of advantages over other brands.

Made in Austria

APProved Zimo Retailers

Purchase in the knowledge of full customer support from these officially accredited ZIMO retailers

Only these approved DCC specialists can honour warranty guarantees, and have ZIMO product knowledge.
Beware of imitations: Do not accept products unless provided in our blue-themed blister packaging.

Correct to 20.08.2018

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