Put yourself in the driving seat with ZIMO digital control

Welcome to the home of ZIMO DCC products in the UK

Purchase in the knowledge of full customer support from these officially accredited ZIMO retailers

Only these approved DCC specialists can honour warranty guarantees, and have ZIMO product knowledge. Beware of imitations: Do not accept products unless provided in our blue-themed blister packaging.

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Approved ZIMO retailers with sound specialism/library

DigitrainsTel. 01522 527731www.digitrains.co.uk
YouChoosTel. 01380 530530www.youchoos.co.uk
Coastal DCCTel. 01473 710946www.coastaldcc.co.uk

Approved ZIMO retailers

AGR Model Railway StoreTel. 01525 854788www.agrmodelrailwaystore.co.uk
Peter’s Spares Model RailwaysTel. 01642 909794www.petersspares.com
Alton Model CentreTel. 01420 542244www.altonmodelcentre.co.uk
West Hill Wagon WorksTel. 01623 759939www.westhillwagonworks.co.uk
Frizinghall Models & RailwaysTel. 01274 747447www.modelrailshop.co.uk
DCC Train AutomationTel. 01823 429309www.dcctrainautomation.co.uk
Sunningwell Command ControlTel. 01865 730455www.scc4dcc.co.uk
Mark’s TrainsTel. 01733 609 414www.marks-trains.co.uk
EDM ModelsTel. 01904 331973www.ngtrains.com

Exclusive ZIMO distributor

RAIL EXCLUSIVETel. 01780 470086www.railexclusive.com

Correct to 08.03.2023